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Janavi was founded in 1998 as a design studio and export house servicing major European fashion houses.

The Janavi label was launched in 2000 to express our own creative voice through exquisite, hand-crafted cashmere products.

We are a family run business, led by Creative Director and Founder Jyotika Jhalani and her children, Karishma and Kartikae.

Janavi proudly retails at over 150 departmental stores around the world.

Jyotika Jhalani

The Cashmere Alchemist

The journey of Janavi from India to the World and then Within

Woven from pure cashmere, each creation from Janavi brings to life a celebration of what human hands can achieve. Janavi’s vision and desire is to share this magic of cashmere with the world.

Defined by expert embroidery and enchanting embellishments, Janavi specialises in richly coloured, hand-embroidered pieces inspired by Indian heritage. The brand is committed to reviving a definition of luxury that stems from divinity in thedetails - for omething pure cannot be manipulated, or distorted.

This is also what shapes the individuality and eclecticism of Janavi’s design culture.

For over 20 years, the label has been committed to its focus on empowering its growing community of artisans and designers by embroidering directly on cashmere to create wearable pieces of art. The atelier has created shawls and scarves for some of the finest luxury fashion houses around the world. Each piece is hand-finished and made with love by Janavi’s close-knit team of dedicated artisans.

The versatility of a Janavi shawl has allowed it to replace the statement evening jacket. With the distinctive use of silk threads, sequins and beadwork onto Chantilly lace borders and finest of crystal embellishments, the Janavi universe has expanded to a Home and Baby line

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The Harper's Bazaar // September 2019

Janavi India celebrates its 21st anniversary with an ode to Kashmir

It’s a crisp June morning, and in one corner of the 24 sq km large Dal Lake, I’m stuck in a traffic jam. I’m in a shikara, surrounded by another 10 shikaras. They are modestly piled with bunches of lake-grown spinach, radishes, turnips, green chillies, and lotus stems.

Vogue // 9 July 2019

This Indian cashmere brand just launched their new collection in London 

Janavi India unveiled the first palette from its unique ‘Paintbox’ collective with an exclusive event at The Ritz London. Here’s why you need to know about it


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