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Including a part of the wearer into each of Janavi’s creations, has been central to our story.
Almost any piece can include a hand embroidered name, initials or important date.


A warm hug by new knots and weaves.


Cashmere, merino wool, fine silks and you. That’s all.

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Classic and experimental weaves in supple cashmere and merino wool.


A new generation of whimsical handcrafted friends.

Color for us is story. Color is joy.

The Color Box

Each collection is designed by first creating that seasons’ Janavi paintbox - a unique palette chosen for the collection.

In each paintbox, we have six standard JANAVI Colours:


To signify discovery. It is the colour of our namesake, The Ganges. It is the colour of the sky. It is the colour that reminds us of what we’re made of.


To signify beginnings. Unbleached a untarnished, the way some this is.


To signify grace. It is humble coming together of our process, and a reminder that everything around us is magic.


To signify creativity. The colour of the sun, the cradle of creation. It is a fearless vibrant energy, and to us, an explosion of creativity.


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