Wool & Cashmere Care Guide

We at Janavi India know that at times stains and pilling can happen to your favorite wool and cashmere pieces. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when caring for your special pieces.

In case of stains, use cold water, the tiniest bit of mild detergent, and a Q-tip to gently rub out any discoloration. If a stain is more severe, we advise taking it to the dry cleaner. Be sure to tell the cleaner what caused the stain—this will aid in their treatment plan.

Never wash your pieces with hot water- this will lead to shrinking and possible damage.

And, in case of occasional pilling, use a sweater comb to brush away. Avoid being rough, but do use a bit of pressure when combing. Our merino and cashmere pieces are made of natural fibers that shed during normal wear. With routine combing your product will remain beautiful and become even softer in the process.

If you should ever have any questions on how to care for your Janavi products, please contact us at customerservice@janaviindia.com

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