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The finest cashmere fibres are the lead characters in this story. Supporting characters are spun in wool, silk, linen and cotton. And their harmonies are brought to life with delicate Indian craftsmanship to create narratives of the jungle, of geometrical interplay and create cosy accents in any space. Even spiritual nomads always come home.

Janavi India Home


Woven in the most delicate cashmere fibres, merino wool or cotton, these blankets envelope couches, beds, and even long walks in a soft intimacy.
Blankets can be personalised for precious and luxurious gifting.


Personalize your Blanket

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Supple hand embroidered accents on cashmere, silk, linen or cotton are reinterpreted every season to add a little joy to spaces. Every cushion is backed by signature prints.Personalise cushions with hand-painted initials.

Personalize your Blanket