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Our name is taken from the holy Ganga, or Ganges river, that meanders organically and finds itself at ease with boundlessness. Indian mythology maintains a profound connection between the descent of the river from heaven - as a manifestation of the Goddess Ganga herself - and the Sun God’s clan on Earth.

Janavi finds inspiration in this celestial bond between the two.


Jyotika Jhalani established JanaviIndia in 1998, after a colourful decade at the World Bank. Janavi was born from the desire to create designs with 100% pure cashmere in a way the world had never seen. The seed of this idea spun into reality when she converted her son’s bedroom into a small studio for her creativity to flow. She hasn’t looked back since.

A self-confessed ‘spiritual nomad,’ Jyotika seeks to celebrate the sacred natural rhythms of the universe; and to harness the inherent creativity that rests deep within the human heart.

Since inception, Janavi has been known for its exceptional cashmere products. Its journey is about creating a particular world of luxury – beyond product. It has been exciting, unexpected, and closely guided by Jyotika’s spiritual sense.

Energy of the divine life-spark.
The splendour of its many colours

Radiating love

Soft and sleepy
at dawn

at noon

at dusk

Resting when the
moon shines

The journey
of Janavi from India to the
World and then Within

Woven from pure cashmere, each creation from Janavi brings to life a celebration of what human hands can achieve. Janavi’s vision and desire is to share this magic of cashmere with the world.

Defined by expert embroidery and enchanting embellishments, Janavi specialises in richly coloured, hand-embroidered pieces inspired by Indian heritage. The brand is committed to reviving a definition of luxury that stems from divinity in the details - for something pure cannot be manipulated, or distorted.

This is also what shapes the individuality and eclecticism of Janavi’s design culture.

For over 20 years, the label has been committed to its focus on empowering its growing community of artisans and designers by embroidering directly on cashmere to create wearable pieces of art. The atelier has created shawls and scarves for some of the finest luxury fashion houses around the world. Each piece is hand-finished and made with love by Janavi’s close-knit team of dedicated artisans.

The versatility of a Janavi shawl has allowed it to replace the statement evening jacket. With the distinctive use of silk threads, sequins and beadwork onto Chantilly lace borders and finest of crystal embellishments, the Janavi universe has expanded to a Home and Baby line.

Where did the ink go?

Jyotika’s tryst with cashmere began in her childhood, as a ‘happy accident.’ On a languid summer day, as she pored over holiday homework, her Chelpark ink bottle accidentally tipped over and spilled its way onto her mother’s reversible pink and blue Kashmiri shawl. An heirloom. The afternoon glass of milk that she hadn’t quite touched quickly followed and steam of blue and white glistened on the floor and the shawl.

Amidst the chaos was awakened a deep sense of wonder. She observed the chemistry between pigments and liquids that seemed to have a life of their own. Suddenly, there was no blue to be seen. It was as though the milk had swallowed the ink. The alchemy in the absorption power of the cashmere’s warps and wefts was her eureka moment.

It did not stop at this magic shawl. Jyotika’s childhood has inspired her ability to capture the textures of a carefree life, in the lightweight decadence of her brand’s special cashmere. There’s the memory of the brazen sting of wild nettle in open fields. Of summers spent barefoot in Gulmarg, Kashmir, and at Rose Villa, her grandfather’s place. Most precious of all, is the lingering fragrance and warmth of a hug from ‘the gentle giant,’ her late father.

Jyotika’s chromatic perspective on life ushers in bold choices. Her aesthetic signature combines just the right touch of forward-thinking vivacity, with strokes of old-world, elegant whimsy inspired by her gracious hometown in the Himalayas, Kashmir.

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Happy goats and a miniature frenchie.

Janavi’s cashmere is ethically sourced from village clusters spread across the frontiers of the ancient textile trading routes, sweeping from Leh-Ladakh to Mongolia.

We work intricate embroidery traditions into the natural delicacy of wool. Janavi’s expertise is evident in the way it preserves the beauty of both, without compromising quality, and durability.

Closer home, the sight of resident mascot and family pet Luigi is a constant source of delight.

Our headquarters in Noida, of the National Capital Region-Delhi, is pulsating with distinct perspectives on life, creating a fountainhead from which the most soul-stirring ideas flow. Though we are now an expansive team, we still come together everyday for the things that are important to us, and drive our vision: meditation, laughs, and the occasional mid-day dance. The serious development of Indian craftsmanship occurs alongside this rich life you will find if you visit the sunlit Janavi studio.

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Craft excellence.

The story of every Janavi creation can be traced to a family holiday, an artisan’s desire, an emotional challenge, or a vivid dream. Our pieces always make a statement to onlookers, and reserve something private for the wearer. It is probably why loyalists describe Janavi as empowering, timeless, and deeply beautiful.

A 400-artisan strong team brings this culture to life everyday, working as a well-integrated network across various crucial processes: weaving; dyeing; hand-painting; knitting and crochet; and traditional, age-old hand-embroidery techniques. Each artisan is celebrated for being the designer they truly are.

Be it because of Jyotika’s favourite chant - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - or her special song, Bocelli’s The Prayer - when at work, Janavi Headquarters are always reverberating with the sound of creativity blooming to the heights of its glory.

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The process.

Every step - from sorting and scouring of the wool, to warping and weaving - is crucial for the finesse of the final product. With meticulous coordination, and a lot of love, the wool is freed from vegetable remnants and natural entanglements. The fibres are combed, loosely assembled and then bundled, in preparation for spinning into yarns.

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about us

Our name is taken
from the holy Ganga, or Ganges river, that meanders organically and finds itself at ease with boundlessness.

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