the janavi paintbox

Imagine if you had the magical ability to capture a city in a moment. If you could hold the majesty of Paris in the lush softness of a Cashmere shawl? Imagine the golden sands of a beach echoed in its folds. The stillness of a lake unravelling in cold blue splendour. Craft has the power to distill moments and memories into art, weaving them into heirlooms that absorb stories and live on as precious gifts for generations.

At Janavi, we value this gift, this delicate bubble of memory that we want to preserve and share with you. Our new collection of cashmere shawls is an homage to our creator Jyotika Jhalani’s most treasured memories, refined into 12 colour palettes. Jyotika’s earliest memories are that of seeing the world through the brush strokes of an artist, with those moments frozen into works of art, a beautiful cashmere shawl. Her imagination has no boundaries, drifting effortlessly into reality, when she created Janavi. Animated by an Impressionist wash of colours, Jyotika’s vision for Janavi percolated into this current collection. Her memories and impressions are a tribute to a specific city, a compliment to a definitive recollection, distilled into one colour palette comprising of 21 colours. Each of these 12 palettes is inspired by the city that left an impression on Jyotika, made up of 15 colours that echo their personalities and 6 signature Janavi colours The Ganges, Pearl, Natural, Blush Rose, Victory Black and Flame.

On 2nd July 2019, we celebrate the first of these colour journeys with a traditional high tea at The Ritz here in London. Jyotika’s vision for the iconic space are the hues that make up the traditional tea service here—the soft edges of clotted cream, the subtle pinks of smoked salmon, the mellow brightness of a spread of marmalade, the delicate green of a peeping caper. The colours translate themselves into 21 beautiful shades of cashmere, elegantly embroidered in white.

This is just the beginning of our journey. 2019 takes Janavi around the world, with 11 more palettes, touching down on Jyotika’s little moments of bliss—a desert thali at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where she curated her daughter’s breathtaking wedding, to the still lakes of Srinagar in Kashmir, where in between snowy peaks, the gentle paddles of a shikara rock towering bursts of flowers being ferried from one end to the other. The palettes cover the grandeur of St Petersburg, the magnificence of Shanghai, the wild energy of New York, the prayer flags of Bhutan, a bustling harbor in Hong Kong, the incredible calm of a farm in Philippines, the macaroons of Laduree of Paris’ architecture, ayurvedic bliss at Shanti Maurice in Mauritius and under the Tuscan sky in Florence.

A Janavi shawl invites you to create your own memories that will last a lifetime. The shawls are created from the finest cashmere in the world, embroidered by craftsmen who have perfected their art through generations over centuries. But it is you, our dear patrons, who give it life. You shine a light on Jyotika’s memories, as she unravels moments lost in time, through glimpses of cities and recollections. We invite you to accompany us on this precious journey, to create your own cherished memoirs—little pockets of nostalgia coloured with a little bit of Janavi.

Welcome to the Janavi Paintbox.

traditional tea at the ritz

London 02.07.2019

kashmir through jyotika’s lens


the desert thali at suryagarh


macarons in the afternoon


the farm at san benito


new york,
new york


the hermitage st.petersburgh


awakening of buddha


the sun & sky in tuscany


the bund comes alive


the shanti maurice


the harbour,

Hong Kong