Design Philosophy

To create is natural. It’s who we are. 
A guiding design tenet for all of our collections is an element of finessed artistry – from elaborate hand painting, to intricate bead and needle point techniques, onto a myriad of embellishments.

This tenet coupled with a distinctive understanding of colour and a unique mix of palettes expressed in the Janavi Paintbox, we present collections that are ever evolving and manifold.

Our community of over 400 artisans and designers believe that life is about creating a series of cherished memories and movements. Through our designs we hope to spark such memories for you, and aspire to be a small part of your grand journey.

Our Ethos

Design is a way of life, and a distinctive choice of how to engage with the world.
Our design process is egalitarian and sees no division between designer and artisan.

The collections are a manifestation of both the designers and the weavers, allowing  them to express their inner selves. This fosters an aesthetic that is bound together by a love of creation. Our pieces can be timeless, contemporary orbecome signature pieces, all at once.

In every piece, there lies an element of finessed artistry from elaborate hand painting to intricate embellishment techniques.

Each piece captures the energy of the time it was imagined, and is one to be cherished and gifted for occasions and generations to come.